5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Getting married and choosing a beautiful venue for your special day is very exciting, but there are a few missteps couples often make. Feel confident in choosing your dream wedding venue by knowing what to look for and what to avoid when deciding on a venue.

wedding wedding


1. Not asking if yours will be the only wedding that day. Big venues often do multiple weddings a day. The last thing you want is for the venue to rush yours off because they have another one in a few hours, or to start late because another wedding is still going on. When picking wedding venue, make sure to find out if your wedding will be the only event on the day. As a boutique venue, we offer privacy and tranquillity, and you can be assured that your wedding will be our only priority on the day.

2. Picking a venue where you have to do everything yourself. Unless you are a professional event coordinator or are particular about the catering and decorating, leave those details to the professionals on your big day. Having to run around to carry around chairs, setting tables and finish up flower arrangements on your wedding day will add a lot of unnecessary stress. Choosing a reputable venue with years of experience in the hospitality industry will take care of some, or all of the details and allow you to enjoy the day.



3. Choosing a venue that doesn’t allow you to choose your own vendors. Likewise, if a venue insists that you use their approved list of vendors, think twice about choosing that venue. More often than not, these venues are putting profit before the customer’s satisfaction by forcing you to use their preferred vendors for lighting, flowers, photographers etc. Wedding venues that truly care about making your big day as special as possible, will allow you to choose the vendors you are comfortable with.

4. Choosing a venue with no accommodation. Another way to eliminate stress on your big day is to have the couple and the wedding party get ready at the venue. This avoids having to drive to-and-from the venue and possibly being held up by traffic or any other unforeseen event. Also check to see if the venue has a honeymoon suite where you can spend your wedding night.


5. Choosing an inexperienced venue. Whether you’re thinking of choosing a new venue or one where you’re the venue’s first wedding client, think twice. Pulling off a successful wedding takes immaculate planning and a lot goes on behind the scenes. For your big day you want the peace of mind knowing that yours is in the hands of skilled coordinators with years of experience planning and executing successful events.

If you want your dream wedding to be carried out by expert coordinators, contact Vineyard on the Hill today. Go to our contact page here, send us an email at reception@vineyardonthehill.co.za, or call us at 082 925 1182.

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